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Polly(glot) Wanna (Go) Cracker(s)

So, as I mentioned recently, since the lockdown started I have been trying to learn three languages simultaneously: Portuguese (improving), French, (de-rustifying) and Scottish Gaelic (completely new, starting from scratch). I’ve mainly been using Duolingo, but also some books, videos and so on.

Obviously since this blog is very visibly dedicated to portuguese, having occasional posts about french and gaelic is probably a bit confusing and maybe at some point I should think about changing the title to be more inclusive but I’m still seeing Portuguese as my main mission and the others as side-quests at the moment, so I’m not going to turn into one of those smug internet polyglots just yet. Give it six months though and I’ll be livestreaming myself hanging out with Benny Lewis and trying to hold a conversation in 20 languages or some nonsense.


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