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More About iTalki and Lingq

iTalki‘s comments section continues to be an absolute storm of protest about various changes they’ve made to messaging and to instant tutoring. It’s an object lesson in how not to implement change. They have at least restored the community features I was lamenting in a post a few days ago, so that’s something. In the meantime, I have been using Lingq quite a lot. Its text correction page doesn’t allow as many words but in a way that’s probably not a bad thing. I always find I write too much and then people can’t be bothered reading it all. It also has a slightly annoying feature (I think it’s something to do with unicode…?) that predictive text doesn’t work properly if I use it on the phone in a browser. If I write “nao” for example, instead of letting me click to correct it adds the correction onto the end like this “naonão”. Irritating.

The rest of the site is good for vocabulary: essentially, they have lessons in the form of podcasts and news articles. The difficult words are highlighted and you can add these – very quickly and easily – to your vocabulary list and then revise them. It’s pretty clever as a rough-and-ready way of generating lists of words you don’t know without having to do what I do now, which is note them in evernote and then transfer them to Memrise when I get a free hour. It’s not actually as good as Memrise, but it seems handy as an added extra. I’ll definitely keep using Lingq, but how far it replaces iTalki for writing practice and Memrise for vocabulary remains to be seen.


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