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Home Not Alone

Last night I went to a meeting of the Anglo-Portuguese Society at the residence of the Portuguese ambassador. There were no Ferrero Rochers but apart from that it was pretty good. I’ll to a texto about it later.

One of the things that interested me was that the guy talked about translating the word “Home” into Portuguese, which they had done, he said, using 7 different words. So – someone asked – what were the words? He couldn’t remember. The obvious ones are casa (house) lar (the word used in the equivalent of home sweet home – “lar doce lar”. Terra de mãe (the town or village you call home) seems like a string contender too. I felt like I’d heard the phrase “no colo da família” (something like ‘in the lap of the family’) too. Then there are more prosaic words like “domicílio”, “residência”, “habitação”.


Oh wait, I just had the idea of er… You know… Googling it!

Here’s the site. Judging by the names of the events, it looks like I missed “ninho” (nest) and they mention “palácio” as well, which I suppose could be your home if you were posh…


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