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Down And Out In Porto and London

I translated my CV into portuguese today to apply for a job in Porto. Long story, to do with Brexit and dual citizenship. TBH, it’s unlikely to happen (although not quite as unlikely as the job in Germany someone tried to get me onto last week), but I’m someone who believes in flying a lot of kites and seeing which one gets me electrocuted.

Anyway, it was very interesting and involved trawling through a lot of tech manuals looking for words specific to the tech niche I live in. Here are a few, which I think I’ll need to turn into a memrise deck at some point.

Base de dados (banco de dados in Brazil) Database
Código VB VB Code
Implementação Implementation
Depurar Debug
Sistema Informática Information system
Migração de dados Data migration
Integração de dados Data Integration
Requisitos da empresa Business requirements
Desenvolvedor Developer
Coordenar Coordinate
Sistema financeiro Financial system
Procedimentos armazenados Stored procedures
Relatório Report – also works for a BI (SQL) report.
Pasta Folder
Autarquia local Local authority
A equipa de limpar dados The data-cleansing team
Reestruturar Restructure
Tecnologia Informática (TI) Information Technology (IT)
Teletrabalho Remote Working
Rede Virtual Privada Virtual Private Network
No curto/longo prazo In the short/long term
Ofertas de Emprego Job offers


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