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Her Name Was Lula, She Was a Shoegirl

Another joke from the Caderno that I didn’t get at the time but have since had explained to me

Estão um pargo e uma lula a conduzir e o pargo ultrapassa a lula de maneira brusca. Vira-se a lula:
-Tás pargo, pá?

A Lula is a squid (I knew that) and a pargo (well, o pargo, but you know what I mean) is a red snapper (I didn’t know that but guessed it some kind of marine creature). And the unpunned version of the dialogue would be

squidward-‘Tás parvo, pá?



“Are you stupid, mate?”

“Shut it!”

Thanks to Fernanda for deciphering this fishy confusion for me


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