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Key Learnings 8 – MiniWriMo Gleanings

Jotting down a few notes from the feedback I’ve had on my epic sci-fi story so far:

Thoughts and Memories

I keep getting mixed up about how to use lembrar vs lembrar-se.

Lembrar is more like “to be reminiscent of”:

Essa música de Panic at the Disco lembra uma música mesmo parecida dos B-52s

….or if you sling a pronoun and a “de” into the mix, “remind”:

Essa música de Panic at the Disco lembra-me duma música mesmo parecida dos B-52s

Lembrar-se is most commonly “remember” and usually takes de:

lembrei-me dalguma coisa

…although I’ve seen it with “que”:

“lembrei-me que precisava…”=”I remembered that I need to…”

…or with nothing at all:

“para eles que se lembram”=”for those who remember”

Lembrar-se can have to do with a consciousness or awareness of something as well as actual memory. There’s another verb – recordar-se which is more specific and ONLY means to remember.


This is something I sort of new but keep forgetting because it’s so different from my own way of thinking:

“It was me who did that” isn’t “Foi eu que fez isso” as it would be in english but a more logical “Fui eu que fiz isso” (“I was me that I did that”).

On the other hand, “Está na hora” (“It’s on the hour”) never becomes “Estamos na hora”, it always stays in first person singular.

Fazers on Stun

I’ve been using “Faz-me pensar de…” (“It makes me think of”) but it seems you can’t use the same trick with adjectives “Faz me cansado” (“It makes me tired”) but you have to have a verb in there: “Faz me ficar cansado” (“It makes me get tired”), although actually now I’ve written that, there are better ways of saying the same thing.



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