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Key Learnings 7 – Ir We Go

Jottings from lessons the past couple of days

Talking about travel

Ir a vs Ir para: Apparently Ir a is for a quick journey like to the kitchen or to school and ir para is for a longer one such as going to Canada to avoid Trump or going on holiday. It cana also be used to indicate a direction of travel.The same rules apply to vir and voltar.

Similarly, the difference between Ir de avião and ir no avião is whether you have a definite plane in mind (“no avião”) or whether you are just talking about “Going by plane” (de avião)

This is all easy stuff I should have known ages ago. I have just been using both interchangeably up to now.

Useful expressions

de vez em quando = from time to time

mais do que seria esperar = more than could have been hoped

de ano para ano = from year to year

se sim = if so

estudos de mercado = market research

Subtle differences caused by prepositions

lembro-me de teres (infinitivo pessoal)


lembro-me que tinhas (imperfeito do indicativo)






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