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The Olympic Language Challenge – Sit Rep!

I decided – for some reason – to just do the last part of the challenge and sign up for lessons in other languages. I have Arabic and BSL on my radar for after Portuguese so I booked a trial lesson in each, and my daughter said she wanted to learn Japanese, so I used my credits to book her a lesson on condition that she finds out how to shout “Row faster!” at my rowing partner, who is Japanese. I have deliberately avoided European languages that are too similar to Portuguese and might confuse me even more.

The main body of the challenge is going pretty well and I have been making some good progress on subjunctives. Today, I watched the movie “Os Imortais” which is a really excellent film, did some reading and listened to some of the new Practice Portuguese episodes aimed at new learners. It’s mostly pretty easy but they spend time explaining the finer points of common words like “pois” and the difference between trazer and levar, so I’m learning new things anyway.


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2 thoughts on “The Olympic Language Challenge – Sit Rep!

    1. Thanks. My daughter really enjoyed the Japanese lesson this morning and she’s excited about doing more. I’m really pleased. She hadn’t mentioned wanting to learn a language before, but I’m happy she has found a new interest!


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