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Esta é a tua escova de dentes?

Acabei de ouvir um podcast. Um dos falantes disse “os idiomas são como as escovas de dentes: nunca deve de ter alguma na sua boca com excepção da sua”.

Não concordo com isto!

The original quote was something like “Languages are like toothbrushes. You should never have one in your mouth unless it’s your own” and it was on the Start the Week Podcast on Language and Reinvention.

My last sentence was originally “Não concordo consigo” which in my mind means “I don’t agree with him” but everyone who looked at it wanted it changed to “contigo” (with you… what????) or “com isso” (with that). To be honest, I’m not absolutely sure why it’s wrong, still. There are complicating factors: Portuguese (especially european portuguese) seems to be violently averse to pronouns, which doesn’t help, and also consigo can mean either “with him” or “I can” depending on the context. Maybe later I will understand what I did wrong but for now, best just change it to “Com isso” and be done with it.




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