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A Banheira / The Bath

Ouvi o Hugh Laurie dizer que na sua idade, ler livros é como encher uma banheira quando o tampão não está no ralo. Estou de acordo com ele (or “concordo com ele”). Na minha idade também, derramo português dentro da minha cabeça mas tudo drena depressa.


…which, for those of you who don’t speak Portuguese means…

I heard Hugh Laurie saying that at his age, reading books is like running the bath with the plug out of the plughole. I agree with him. At my age too, I pour Portuguese into my head but it all drains away (quickly)


The word “quickly” wasn’t part of my original intent but both people who corrected it seem to have thought that’s what I was saying so I’ve left it in.

Thanks again to Sophia and also Rubens for their help with the corrections.


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