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So This Happened…

I recorded my first YouTube video in ages as a way of challenging myself to talk more. Its about O Ano Sabático and it’s not terrible but there are a lot of hesitations and I’ve made some weird word choices in a few places: “aqui” in place of “agora” is particularly egregious. Watching myself like this let’s me see what I really sound like and gives me a way of seeing what I’m doing wrong.

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New Year New… Você

I’m a bit run down at the moment. I exercised a lot last year but my knees are feeling the strain. I also have a sore back and, as is traditional at the start of January, I think I’ve gained a few pounds. I’m going to be doing a basic yoga class to work on mobility and core strength in a relatively non-taxing way. I’m mostly looking at a January 30-day workout that’s been recommended to me but I’d love to find a Portuguese instructor I can follow, just because I’d like to follow along and listen to how they describe the various stretches, muscles and so on. I’ve had a look at a Brazilian Yoga teacher called Pri Leite who has January course and seems down-to-earth in the way she presents. Her course doesn’t start till the tenth though (Whaaat? Who waits till the tenth to start their new year’s resolutions? Most of us are giving up by then!) but if anyone knows of a good Portuguese yoga teacher, I’d love to hear about them!

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New YouTube Channel

If you enjoyed the audiobook post a couple of weeks ago you might also enjoy this new YouTube channel started by Booktuber Silent Wanderer. It’s called Em Voz Alta and it’s looking to release two chapters per week of short stories read by Portuguese readers, many of whom I already know from their own channels. So far, they’ve finished O Principezinho (everyone’s favourite!) and they’re well into The Canterville Ghost.

Don’t forget, you can use the videos as audiobooks even if the screen is off by following the suggestions in my most recent post, Story Hour

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Practice Portuguese

It seems like there’s a lot going on at Practice Portuguese, everyone’s go-to European Portuguese resource. The lads are now both full-time on the project as paid work, freeing up time for their non-paid work: dadding.

But even better, they’ve got a new app out that makes it easier to use their content on a phone. This could be a real game changer for a lot of people. At the moment it’s only in beta but I’ve downloaded it and it looks good.

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Talk the Streets

I came across a new (to me) channel on YouTube today and the first video I tried was full of good tips. She’s British so she seems to be coming at it from a practical standpoint of how to get by as an immigrant in Portugal rather than doing a lot of detailed stuff about grammar. Bookmarked for later to try the rest of her videos.