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A Pronúncia

Today’s written work is abiut the accent in the Azores. Thanks for the corrections teafvigoli

Ai, que obra desafiadora. Apesar de ter tentado muitas vezes, não é nada fácil entender o sotaque açoriano. Ouvi dizer que o sotaque madeirense é difícil também. A minha esposa sempre fica frustrada por causa dos funcionários do consulado que fingem não entender as suas palavras mas na minha orelha não é assim to diferente dos sotaques continentais.

Por outro lado este sotaque no vídeo é quase incompreensível. Sem as legendas eu não seria capaz de entender patavina. Mal acreditaria que seja sequer português. Soa francês.

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A Wild Portugeese Chase

In t-shirt news, I saw this t-shirt, referencing the current portuguese fuel crisis, on the Cão Azul website…


…and although I had no desire to own the thing, I did get a bit obsessed by what the joke was. I asked around and found someone who explained it was to do with the way the words are pronounced in regional accents/dialects in the north, where the sound of words is more influenced by Galician – so a V might become a B and the ão sound would be more like an “on” or “om” (so “televisão” becomes “telebisom”). She also mentioned an explanation of the gasoil/gasoleo thing that included the word “gozar” which unfortunately I misunderstood as her saying that gazoil would be pronounced “gozar”

So I started trying to put the mispronounced syllables into a sentence

Camion… Bidon… Gasoil… Jarrican

Cá meu m… something… gozar… já something

but I couldn’t make sense of it so I asked again and she explained that, no, it’s just about how the northerners talk funny. I find this a deeply disappointing piece of news and keep looking at it again trying to find a hidden meaning in there like it was some sort of crossword clue, and I don’t think I can rest easy until I find one.

If you’re reading this and you have a better answer for why this is funny (feel free to invent one – I’ll be as gullible as you like) then please, please, tell me.


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That’s Sotaquey

Sample videos I’ve been looking at for my listening practice to get some accent and voice diversity into my earholes before the B2 exam


Algarve (actually. I don’t think the narrator is from the Algarve, but he definitely falls under the heading of challenging listens)

Porto and the North

Coreano (Micaelense)

Alentejo #1

Alentejo #2

Alentejo #3