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Catching Up

I’m a bit behind on corrections from texts I’ve written on r/Writestreakpt. I published one called “A Greve dos Comboios” a few days ago, which I was told was error free but turned out to be full of crap so I’ve just republished that with the corrections on place. Thanks to Dani for doing such a thorough job.

Also, I keep thinking of all the posts I’ve written on here and forgotten about. It seems like I should do a sort of “revision” series where I oickniut the most interesting or neglected tips from my well-over-a-thousand posts. When would I find time though?


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5 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Hi
    I have followed your example and
    I have started posting texts on r/Writestreakpt, and it’s great for me to get into the habit of writing daily texts and getting feedback.
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention .
    I am currently on streak 9 and aim to continue (Reddit name : u/silly….)

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    1. Excellent – yes, it’s a really good idea isn’t it. It’s even more useful than a site like italki for example because you can choose European or Brazilian Portuguese. In case you hadn’t already worked it out from the correspondence of titles, I’m u/EnglebondHumperstonk.


      1. Thanks, yes i now know your name on Reddit . I am so impressed that other people on Reddit actually take the time to read my terrible Portuguese and correct it – it’s brilliant

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      2. I know, when the Internet is nice it is really lovely. I go over to writestreakEN sometimes and correct other people’s English, just to repay the karma but must admit I’m not putting in even nearly as much as aim getting out.


      3. I like the idea of repaying the karma, though I don’t think I have the skills to correct other people on their English. Yes, when the internet is good it can be really good but of course when it’s nad it can be ……(etc)

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