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Paula Rego

It probably doesn’t look like much here but you should see the original, looming above you…

I was sorry to hear of the death of Paula Rego, an amazingly powerful and versatile portuguese artist who made her home here in Britain . She made it to 87, that’s a good long life so no tragedy, but still, a loss for the world.

I went to see some of her work at Europe house last summer and then later in the same year went to see the full exhibition at the Tate with my wife, who was always far more aware of Rego’s work than I was, of course. I went looking for the blog post I wrote about the Tate visit and was a bit surprised to find I hadn’t written one! I wasn’t as active on here back then, but stll, I don’t know why I didn’t write about that of all things.

Oh well, at least I know who I’ll be writing about on writestreakPT tomorrow!


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