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Pimpolhing Ain’t Easy

Here’s a fun word i heard yesterday: commenting on something I wrote about my daughter’s birthday, someone wrote “Parabéns à tua pimpolha”. Sounds like a zit but isn’t. Pimpolho seems to be a sort of shoot of a germinating seed or, by extension, a child, with a female child being a pimpolha. There’s a brand of children’s shoes with the same name too.

Another word I’ve come across as a slang word for one’s offspring is “metralha”. Metralha is normally a volley of bullets (hence “metralhadora” for machine gun) or a hail of shrapnel but it seems to mean kids too. I can’t actually find any authority for this: it’s not in priberam or the dicionário informal or this thing I sometimes use. There’s a guy I follow on twitter who always uses it though. Presumably he isn’t the only one, but who knows.


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