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Diz O Roto Ao Nu

I mentioned the “Parra” map in reddit but in the course of chuckling about someone else’s typo, I typed “mãos” in place of “mais”. Someone replied with “diz o roto ao nu”. Obviously an expression of some sort. Apparently its full version is “Diz o roto ao nu, porque não te vestes tu?” I get the gust if this but wasn’t sure what “Roto” meant because it has a ton of different meanings. In this case, though, it means someone whose clothes are all raggedy. The ragged-clothed guy said to the naked guy, why don’t you get dressed?

Of course, they both need to get dressed but we can’t always see our own faults. It’s a little like the pot calling the kettle black. In fact, there’s an even more similar expression meaning the same thing: “diz o tacho ao sertã, tens o cu preto” where a tacho is a small, cylindrical pan and a sertã is a big, deep pan like a skillet or a casserole dish or something. Both have had their arses blackened by exposure ginthe flame.


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