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Expressões da Natureza

Doing homework from the new book. Here we go with idiomatic expressions that have to do with nature. I’ll skip all the obvious ones. Tirar o cavalo da chuva is in there for example. It’s an old favourite but I’ve mentioned it about a hundred times already.

  • Frio de rachar – splitting cold. Very, very cold.
  • Arranjar lenha para se queimar – to gather wood to burn oneself. Basically to create difficulties for yourself
  • Chamar-lhe um figo – To call something a fig. To eat /serve something you really like. Can also mean that you covet something.
  • Mandar à fava – to send someone to the bean. To send someone away or make it obvious you want them to get lost
  • Com a cabeça na lua – with one s head in the moon. Equivalent to “with one’s head in the clouds” in English
  • Mandar às urtigas to send someone to the nettles. To treat something as unimportant
  • Sol de pouca dura – Sun that doesn’t last long. Something good but transitory
  • Ter névoa nos olhos – To have fog in one’s eyes. To have blurred vision. This can be used both for the literal blurry vision but also figuratively when you don’t understand something
  • Aos quatro ventos – To the four winds. In all directions – just like in English, if you scatter something to the four winds.
  • Estar com um grão na asa – To have a grain in the wing. A state of mild euphoria or tipsiness


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