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A2 Exam Help

Cheating in an exam

Cheating in an exam isn’t something I’d ever encourage, but if you’re going to cheat, you need at least to be sure that the person whose answers you’re copying knows more than you. So we can only envy any would-be cheater who was lucky enough to be sat next to Liz Sharma in the A2 exam and managed to peep over her shoulder when she wasn’t looking. Liz is the host of Talk The Streets, the popular YouTube series and she recently took the exam as part of a citizenship application and vlogged about it. Anyway, I know one of the most frequent questions I get is about where to find exam resources so I am officially designating this video as pretty flipping useful. A lot of what she says backs up what I said in my previous posts about the form of the exams but she’s obviously much more advanced than I am now, let alone how I was when I did my first exam. That means she’s got a bit more detachment from the stress-factor, which allows her to be cool and calm about the advice she gives, whereas I think my blog posts probably read like someone who has just escaped from being held hostage!


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6 thoughts on “A2 Exam Help

  1. I enjoyed watching the video. Although I think the description of your experience was more like my experience when I did the A2 exam last November in London. (and your post was very helpful to read before I took the exam)
    The results are still not published due to a cyberattack and corruption of software they use to the mark the exam .They hope the results will be published this month.


    1. Blimey, that must be frustrating. The waits are bad enough under normal circumstances! Remind me, do you need the certificate for an application? If so, I hope it isn’t causing you too much of a headache.


      1. Thanks. No I don’t need it for an application. Although it is still a bit frustrating in terms of knowing what I am doing next i.e preparing to do it again if I have failed the exam or preparing to do the B1 exam . I think I probably passed but the longer I wait the more I’m starting to think I haven’t. Vamos ver.

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      2. Up to you if course but my vite would be to setbuiur sights on the B1. Don’t get sidetracked by the IT glitch, aim high and press ahead!


      3. Hi
        I have just found I passed the CIPLE exam with ‘bom’ so I am pleased. Your blog has helped so thankyou

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