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Deadly Synonyms

Here’s a confusing instance of double-meanings from the C1 exercises.

The question is to find synonyms for a list of words. One of the words is “Confuso” and the options it gives are (a) desordenado (b) esclarecido (c) desarrumado (d) obscuro.

Confuso definition

The answer is obviously (a) right? Right? Well, no, it’s (d) according to the book. I went to the Porto Editora dictionary and it seems to support my claim.

But wait, what’s that in the second row?

Confuso again


I posted on the Portuguese subreddit in a we-was-robbed-ref kind of way and most people agreed that (d) was the best answer.

I'm even more confuso now

Priberam gives the same two definitions but in a different order of precedence.

Bit of a mess really. I don’t think the question is well written but it’s worth bearing in mind that Confuso has a slightly different weighting from its English equivalent.


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