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Homework time: expressions beginning with ficar. Ficar is a weird and contradictory verb since it can mean something very permanent (eg “a casa fica em Londres” means the house is staying there and not moving) but it can also indicate something changing or becoming (so for example “fico com vontade de ler este livro” means you’re getting a sudden desire to read it) so context is everything. Most of these are sudden onsets but not all.

  • Ficar à sombra da bananeira =to do nothing and have no worries
  • Ficar a ver navios =to do without something you want. This one isn’t very intuitive so I looked it up. The answer is on this page (it’s part 2 of the question)
  • Ficar para tia =to remain single. I asked my wife about this one because it seemed like the sort of thing that could cause embarrassment of misused. It’s definitely not a temporary state. It’s saying the person won’t be a mother and will “remain an aunt”. In other words, it’s got pejorative, dismissive, vaguely sexist overtones.
  • Ficar a dizer “Ó tio! Ó tio!” =to get confused and need help
  • Ficar nas nuvens =to be very, very happy
  • Ficar espantado =to be surprised
  • Ficar a olhar com olhos de carneiro mal morto =to have a look of disappointment
  • Ficar a olhar como um boi para um palácio =to fail to understand the situation


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