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Welcome Bookfacers

It’s nice to see a few people from Facebook reading my blog after I mentioned this post about my B1 exam on one of the portuguese language groups a couple of weeks back. Hello! I’ve been learning portuguese seriously for about 5 years from now and I would be really good at it if my brain wasn’t old and knackered. I live in London and my motivation for learning is that my wife is from Madeira and, although she speaks english better than most english people and all americans, it started to feel a bit pathetic that I wasn’t making the effort to break out of my anglophone bubble. I’ve been studying Scottish Gaelic and French during the lockdown too, But those are definitely just side-projects.

Most posts on here are just me doing my homework corrections online, and occasionally trying to grapple with things that I want to get my head around like awkward vocabulary, gender of nouns, tricksy grammar and subjunctives. I’m not claiming to be an authority on the language *at all* so don’t take this as gospel, but I’m glad people have found some of my posts useful.

If you’re a fellow-sufferer, say olá in the comments box.


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