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What Language Are We In? 

I’ve just heard two people speaking Spanish, and as we were stuck in a lift together I tried to dredge up some of the Spanish I learned at uni. “Espanhóis?” I asked, falling at the first hurdle. And it went downhill from there, with Portuguese words tumbling out one after the other. 

Although it was a but toe-curling, I was secretly pleased since it usually happens the other way around – I’ll wish an in-law Feliz Cumpleanos or something. So,  progress of sorts! They were Argentinian by the way. I told them I hoped they enjoyed their stay. In English. 


Hm, I’m starting to fret now that maybe they thought that I thought they speak Portuguese in Argentina. Maybe they are in a room in the 4th floor now saying indignantly to each other “What, does he think we’re a southern province of Brazil or something?” 



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