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I Passed (Just…)


If you have been following my witterings for a while now (unlikely, I know, but possible) you might remember that I took the pre-intermediate Portuguese exam (“DEPLE”) in May and passed it pretty well, and then in November tried the Intermediate (“DIPLE”) exam but wasn’t too confident of passing because I got tongue-tied during the produção oral. Well, much to my surprise, I managed to pass it anyway, albeit with a not-so-great mark (just “suficiente” instead of the “bom” I got for the earlier one)

Viva! Não chumbei!

OK, well, not great but better than I had feared, so now I just need to knuckle down and work toward the first of the two advanced exams in late 2017, assuming the world hasn’t been destroyed in the flames of a war provoked by Donald Trump’s coked-up 3AM tweets. I will need a full year to prepare, I think, because I have some catching up to do on the intermediate material.

The next exam apparently includes things like appreciation of poetry, and the produção oral is longer and recorded on *gulp* video instead of audio.


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2 thoughts on “I Passed (Just…)

  1. Well congratulations anyway! I’ve never taken an exam in languages I’ve self-studied, but it must be a great motivation factor! (I laughed at your “Trump’s coked-up 3AM tweets” remark ;))


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