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Tick Tock, Tick Tock

I’m counting down the hours now. My exam is tomorrow morning. I’m wondering what I can do to plug the biggest, most obvious holes in my language skills in the gaps between bouts of doing my day job. Aside from an hour talking to a friend via Skype, I’m thinking I should run through irregular verbs for half an hour or so, rehearse the answers to some of the key questions from the oral expression part of the exam and do some rounds of Memrise.

More importantly, tomorrow, I need to be up early and warm my brain up. I have noticed that if I speak Portuguese for a while it churns up the mud and sludge at the bottom of my brain and allows the words to float to the surface. The exam is at 10AM so I will need to try and cram in an hour of doing something difficult like writing a short essay or saying answers to questions out loud – actually producing language – or I’ll be stuffed when I get into the exam room.

The Portuguese embassy is only about 7 or 8 miles away so I could ride my bike there in the sunshine, but I think I’m going to go by train so I can rehearse my answers to the questions on there. So if you’re on the District Line tomorrow and there’s some bloke telling everyone, in a loud, clear voice that “Tenho dois irmãos. Sou o mais velho. O meu irmão do meio vai casar este verão…” that’ll be me.


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