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Quarantined in Babel

I seem to be doing a lot of language work since quarantine started. I’ll let you decide whether that’s a sign of how productive you can be while staying the fuck at home provided you also log the fuck off twitter, or a sign that I’m one of those people who insists on having a routine but that routine turns into an obsession. I’m getting up between 6 and 7 most days and running through some exercises on Duolingo before starting work. I’ve decided to start learning Scots Gaelic now, just because I fancied something a bit different and I’m from there. I’ve also been doing French to try and revive my dormant vocabulary, and that’s going quite well. The nipper is joining in with that one. I’ve even reversed my usual policy by having a crack at the Portuguese module: it’s mostly stuff I already know, even at the highest levels, but of course it corrects me when I write things in a European way and makes me write them in a Bolsonaro-approved stylee, which is exactly why I’ve always avoided it, but I feel like I’m at the stage now where I know the difference and won’t get muddled as a result. Oh but the accent though, fam. Valha-me Deus! Studying three languages simultaneously isn’t as confusing as I expected it to be. I’m finding my brain cam compartmentalise them fairly well.

Anyway, I might have got a bit competitive about it… I’ve lost and regained first place in my league 4 times today!

Oh and I’ve been learning the ukulele too. Classic case. LOOK AT ME I’VE GOT A ROUTINE!!! I’ll be taking up knitting next.