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More Gatos, Even More Pingados

Second sighting of one of my favourite expressions: gatos pingados. I mentioned this one back on 2017, when I read it in a short story, so I recognised it straight away, referring to the Azov battalion (the bogeymen in Putin’s anti-Ukraine propaganda) as “half a dozen wet cats without the slightest influence in the country”. Wet cats, drippy cats, basically stragglers, lonely people. You’ve also got a second expression, much more familiar to English speakers “cereja no topo do bolo” (the cherry on top of the cake)

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Second title in a row that hasn’t had any proper words in it but I think you’ll agree it’s merited: I mentioned a while back that I have been following a “Portuguese History” course delivered by two University lecturers, at least one of whom is also a TV pundit and alleged plagiarist. The course title is a bit of a misnomer because they mostly just deliver sermons on Marxist theory using Portugal as an example, but that’s cool, I don’t mind a little light Marxism.

Anyway, today I came across this clip of her on TV “a papaguear” (brilliant verb meaning “to parrot”) Putinist propaganda. Sigh. I think I might see if I can switch to a different course. I can’t be arsed with this.