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Scooper Furo-y Animals

This could have been a footnote to Wednesday’s post, but if I turn it into a pun headline about an indie band from the nineties it’s more likely to stick in my head, so here we are.

Scoop by Evelyn Waugh

I explained that the word “Scoop” wasnt translated literally in the title of Evelyn Waugh’s book because it was a specific journalistic term. Apparently there is an equivalent word though, and that word is “furo”, or more specifically “um furo jornalístico”. According to Priberam, although the primary meaning of furo is a hole (specifically a neat hole made by a hole punch or an awl or some similar tool) one of its meanings is “notícia jornalística exclusiva ou dada em primeira mão”. A Scoop. Beautiful! This is the good stuff, people.