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Well I Obviously Misunderstood This One

I mentioned this guy’s YouTube channel a little while ago. He’s on Instagram now, and I’m glad I watched today’s video, because I had totally misunderstood this phrase. I thought it implied dishonesty – like the person was cunning and looking for a way to game the system for their own benefit but apparently not, it’s just someone who thinks they know everything.

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Apenas Tolos e Cavalos.

I came across a new phrase the other day “Chico Espertice”, which is the quality attributed to a Chico-Esperto. What’s that? Well, a Chico-Esperto is apparently an unscrupulous, opportunistic chancer who takes the piss at any opportunity. There’s an article about Chico-Espertice here in Visão, in the context of last year’s disastrous wildfires. A few people have been caught jumping the queue, submitting bogus forms and claiming compensation for outbuildings and holiday homes ahead of those who lost their main residence.

It seems like there’s a tendency to tut and turn a blind eye to this sort of sharp practice, seeing it as an unavoidable, and even endearing trait (if this seems weird, just remember some of our best-known sitcoms, notably “Only Fools and Horses” revolve around the british equivalent of the Chico-Esperto), but in this particular instance, it’s a harmful form of fraud and – she hints in the last paragraph – may involve the people who were meant to be acting as stewards for the funds, in which case it arguably goes beyond mere piss-taking and into actual corruption.