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I came across this abbreviation in Português Empresarial. Nobody seemed to know what it meant but a Brazilian named Cynthia solved the mystery. It stands for ” volume de negócios” -ie, a company’s turnover. I don’t know why the second V is there. Maybe the person who invented it had a stutter (“gagueira” if you want to know – or “gaguejar” in the verb form)

More detail here.

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O Vocabulário de Negócios

I’ve just put together a Memrise deck with vocabulary from Portugues Empresarial in case anyone’s interested in vocabulary related to business. I think I’d like to do more of these theme decks in future – maybe one for computing hardware and software, for example. It’s a bit more useful, I think, than the long lists of nouns and verbs I’ve done in the past.

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Some Useful Stuff I Found Online

I came across a couple of things on Linkedin today that I bookmarked for later:

Firstly, one about doing business in Portugal, which seems useful: It’s here

Secondly, the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce has workshops about moving to Portugal which might become necessary the way things are bloody going *sigh*. Anyway that’s here. There are some other interesting events too.

Finally, there’s another WordPress site that has some pretty nice-looking exercises and you can find that here.