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That Complaint Email In Full

(Tch – embarrassing typo in the title of the first version of this – I need to get better at proofreading)

Well, I said I’d write an email to complain about Biblio so here it is

Exmo Senhor(a)

Fico muito contente por ver que existe uma aplicação portuguesa que disponibiliza* audiolivros portuguesas fora do controlo das grandes empresas americanas. Espero que esteja a ser bem sucedida. Já ouvi metade de um livro e quero vos informar sobre um pequeno defeito que, se fosse acertado, tornaria a aplicação mais útil para os leitores.

Parece que a app não tem permissão de continuar quando uma notificação toca ou quando o sistema operativo põe o ecrã em suspensão. Não sei especificamente como, mas o audiolivro sempre pára depois de um ou dois minutos. Tenho de tocar no ecrã para pôr a narração de volta em andamento. Isso é chato porque quero colocar o meu telemóvel no bolso enquanto estou a caminhar ou a fazer jardinagem, mas não é possível com a vossa aplicação.

Espero que este problema seja fácil de remediar porque quero comprar mais livros no futuro.


Com os melhores cumprimentos,

*=related to that false friend I mentioned the other day of course. Disponibilizar = to make available

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My Dinner With André

I’ve been having a whirlwind romance with Andre Ventura, the Nigel Farage of Portugal. It’s taken my breath away.

It’s all thanks to a game called André Ventura Dating Simulator.

It’s a pretty simple game that starts with the player being rescued from a car crash by Ventura and exchanging phone numbers. It then takes you through a series of days in which you can work to earn money, go to the shopping mall, or call your man to go on a date. At the mall, you can buy accessories for your Ventura, such as sunglasses and hats. On the dates, you can chat, question his choice of venues, and deal with various enemies who appear, such as gypsies and antifa members. You can play as yourself, although if you are a male it’ll send you away with “Bro, sai daqui. O André Ventura não gosta de paneleiros”. That sets the tone, really: the game is sending up his actual attitudes so it warns you right at the start to expect racist, sexist and homophobic language throughout.

Playing games is, of course, a bit silly, but we can’t study vocabulary all the time. Most of us have apps on our phone that we use to pass the time on lunch breaks or on public transport, so having a Portuguese game to play is good way to keep your brain in Portuguese mode without a huge commitment of energy. I doubt this one is going to be an addiction because the joke is bound to wear thin after a while but I’ll play it a few times and see where it takes me.

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Practice Portuguese

It seems like there’s a lot going on at Practice Portuguese, everyone’s go-to European Portuguese resource. The lads are now both full-time on the project as paid work, freeing up time for their non-paid work: dadding.

But even better, they’ve got a new app out that makes it easier to use their content on a phone. This could be a real game changer for a lot of people. At the moment it’s only in beta but I’ve downloaded it and it looks good.