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I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bater

I saw a bad translation in a vocabulary app: embater =to hit. Well, why is it not just bater? Bater seems to be one of those words that has been used as a rooot to make other verbs, and embater can mean hit if you want to say something like “The car hit a tree”, but it’s more like a collision than a punch. The way it works is…

Bater = To Strike, Beat, Hit. The vanilla version. How you translate it depends on the pronoun, to a certain extent.

Embater = Collide, crash

Abater = Slaughter, cull

Combater = Combat, counteract

There’s also esbater (to blur) and debater (to debate) but I don’t think those are part of the same family since they aren’t as violent.

I seem to write a lot about Bater. I wrote a whole post on it a while ago and… Have I posted this meme already? I feel like I must have. It’s pretty old and there are loads of copies so I don’t know who to attribute it to.