My name is Colin Lusk. I started learning Portuguese years ago. Years and years and years, before my wife and I were married, but it never seemed to do any good. I would start, get a few weeks in, give up and lapse back into monolingual idiocy. But this time is different, and I’m writing a blog about the experience.

This blog started out as a pure homework exercise but now that I’m getting reasonably good at speaking, I thought I’d try and make it into something more useful to other learners. If you look at the menus over there on the right hand side you’ll see lists to some pages where I’ve collected product reviews.

Please note that the site costs a little bit of money to host each year and I am hoping to make a little bit of money back in order to pay for it. I do this by using affiliate links. That’s just a fancy way of saying that if you click through any of the links to buy a book or an audio or whatever it’s quite likely that I’ll get a small commission on anything you buy. You don’t pay more – it just helps pay my fees at this end.

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  1. Encontrei, por acaso, este seu blog, e gostei. Também eu, que vivo na Dinamarca há mais de 40 anos, tive de aprender outra língua, mas nunca na perfeição. E, claro, você tem os mesmos problemas que eu tenho, e, por isso, não como crítica mas somente por gostar de ajudar, tenho alguns reparos a erros que escreveu. Mas, claro, se estiver de acordo.


    1. Claro! It would be great to have any ideas. I should probably warn you that a lot of them have already been checked by native speakers, but if you think they might have missed something I’d be happy to hear about it. Or I might have missed something in transcription of course. Are you this guy? http://www.portugalnyt.dk/content/danmarkportugalhistorie.aspx If so, hello fellow blogger! Danish was actually the first foreign language I started learning, when I was nine years old and we went on holiday there. I think I can still remember the numbers from one to ten and the words “sausage” and “thank you” but that’s about it!


  2. Estou muito contente encontrar outro Inglês quem estar tentar dominar a língua Português.

    Ha muitos anos tinha vergonha que muitos das nossas compatriotas, mesmo eles quem vivem cá há muitos anos, fazem nenhum esforco aprender a lingua do Camões.

    Boa sorte na aventura

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    1. Muito obrigado. Estou contente também. Este Blog tem trazido muitos amigos novos com um amor da língua portuguesa. É bom de ouvir que decidiste aprender. “Melhor tarde do que nunca” como dizemos


      1. Como assim? Eu não decidi aprender português. Tenho 75 anos de idade e sou português de nascença!

        Há aqui um mal entendido neste blog.


      2. Hi Fernando,
        Yes, I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding. I think BarlevantoExpert was addressing me, as the author of the blog, not you (which is why he describes me as english), and I was addressing him, not you, (which is why I describe him as someone learning portuguese) The way the template shows the web page that might not be obvious, but if you re-read it that way it might make more sense…?
        Thanks for the corrections by the way.



    Para ser mais correcto, eu escreveria assim:
    Estou muito satisfeito por encontrar outro inglês que também está a tentar dominar a língua portuguesa.

    Há anos tinha vergonha de constatar, que muitos dos nossos compatriotas, mesmo aqueles que vivem cá há muitos anos, não fazem qualquer esforço para aprender a língua de Camões.

    Um abraço

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  4. Hi – pleased to find your blog. I’m weighing up doing the CIPLE or DEPLE exam, having done GCSE 9 years ago and AS Level 8 years ago. I appreciate a lot of fears described in the build up to your exams!


    1. Hi Ibrahim – sorry for the slow reply, I haven’t been on here much lately. Good luck with the exam. I guess having done it at school will be a big help. I haven’t heard of it being taught in UK schools before. How did you manage that?


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