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You Say Patati, I Say Patatá, Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

One of my favourite booktubers recently started a new channel in Portuguese, after switching to English on her main channel. It’s called “As Revoltas da Manganet” if you’re interested. In the middle of the debut video she makes a noise that jumped out at me like “e pa ta ti pa ta ta”. It didn’t sound like anything that made sense but on the other hand, it sounded a bit too deliberate to be a random noise, so I hunted around and it turns out that the expression is “patati patatá”. It is roughly equivalent to “yada yada” or “blah blah blah” or just “and so on and so forth”.

The reason it took a little bit of digging was partly because it seems to be used in French and Spanish too, and partly because there’s also a Brazilian TV show called Patati Patatá, so on some sites it seems like they’ve translated it using the names of better-known (to English audiences) double-acts like “Frick and Frack”. But I think “yada yada” fits best in the context of the video, so I’m mentally shelving it as a useful little phrase to have up my sleeve for later…


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